Important Things To Consider Before Giving CBD Oil For Dogs

CBD For Drug Addiction Treatment
CBD For Drug Addiction Treatment
CBD Oil For Dogs
CBD Oil For Dogs

CBD can be really beneficial for humans as well as animals. The effects of CBD on your pets are almost similar to the effects of CBD on the human body. Like humans, dogs can also suffer from anxiety, pain, seizures, etc. CBD will effectively treat all these issues and help your dog maintain good health. But before you give CBD oil to your dog, you should consider the following things.

Examine The COA

Every product made of CBD oil should contain a Certificate of Analysis (COA), which contains the laboratory result of the CBD oil. The lab test will show the amount of CBD and THC present in CBD oil. Do not purchase the CBD product of a seller who can’t provide the Certificate of Analysis. Legitimate CBD oil brands will provide the COA on their website.

Always Choose A Product With Zero THC

It is important that you should never buy any CBD product that contains THC because dogs are very sensitive to them. Even a small amount of THC can cause negative effects on animals. Some CBD brands include a small amount of THC in their products, Therefore, always read the ingredients before buying a CBD product for your dogs.

Purchase Organic Hemp Products

Always purchase CBD products that are made from organic hemp. Hemp plants absorb toxins more from the soil when compared to other plants. If the hemp plant is grown using chemical pesticides, there is a high chance that those toxic chemicals may be present in the hemp products you buy. Therefore, it is safe to buy CBD products that are made from organic hemp.

Check These 3 Test Results

Make sure to buy CBD products that passed the microbial tests, pesticide tests, and heavy metals tests. The microbial test will check for the pathogens like E.coli that can cause diseases. A pesticide test will ensure that the product is organic. The heavy metals test will look for the presence of pollutants like lead.

Do Not Fall For Low Price

If a CBD product is offered for a significantly lower price than other products, then there is a high chance that the company is compromising on the quality of the product. Many CBD oil products that have a lower price range usually contain only a small amount of CBD. These products do not offer any significant therapeutic benefits for your dog. So stay away from it.

Do Not Choose CBD Isolate

Always choose CBD products that contain full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD oil instead of CBD isolate. Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD oil contain other cannabinoids and terpenes that are present naturally in the hemp plant. These cannabinoids and terpenes will give your dog additional health benefits.