It is considered safe to give pets the kind of cannabidiol product, which is mainly intended for consumption by humans. The 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol contained in every legal CBD product is safe for human beings. Consuming a legal cannabidiol product is not going to make you intoxicated, or as cannabis enthusiasts would say, “stoned out of the mind”. However, what about pets?

Would giving your pet CBD with 0.3% THC have a slightly negative effect on its mind? It is very unlikely for that to happen. However, as with any such product, it is best not to take any chances. So just ask a vet regarding this just to be sure that your pet can have this substance-filled product without any issues.

The consultation with the veterinarian will also help to know whether CBD interaction with your pet’s existing medication would cause a negative effect on the animal.

If you are looking to purchase a CBD pet product, we recommend that you go through our post covering the considerations to take before administering CBD oil to dogs. This move will help you make a more informed purchase decision than you otherwise would. For questions, doubts and feedback on our CBD information, feel free to contact us.