Is CBD Useful For Treating Behavioral Issues In Dogs?

CBD For Dogs
CBD For Dogs
CBD For Dogs
CBD For Dogs

Aggression is one of the leading reasons for harm caused by dogs to humans and other animals. It is considered a behavioral issue, and dog owners must be aware of this. There are different forms of aggression and determining the underlying reason for it is essential for effectively managing it. It can be due to pain, fear, frustration, protecting family members, guarding resources, etc. There are other types of behavioral issues like reactiveness in dogs, and treatments are available for these problems. Here, we will focus on how CBD for pets is useful for treating behavioral issues in dogs.

Behavioral Issues In Dogs

Aggression is one of the common behavioral issues in dogs; fear is often a cause of it. The other problem is reactivity, where they overreact to certain situations or people, and it is often misunderstood as aggression. This is due to poor socialization skills, genetics, or their combination. Destructive behavior is usually due to separation anxiety, and in such behavior, dogs cause damages to doors and windows, i.e. entry and exit points.

The Working Of CBD For Dogs

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is useful for managing behavioral issues in dogs due to its positive effect on the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is responsible for regulating homeostasis, which includes behavior. CBD increases the blood flow to regions of the brain associated with anxiety. It also affects the neurotransmitter levels that play a significant role in the behavior of dogs as it beneficially affects neurological functioning. Last but not least, CBD for dogs calms and relaxes them because of its anxiolytic and stress-reducing effects.

CBD For Anxiety, Inflammation, And Pain

Physical discomforts like inflammation and pain cause aggression and anxiety in dogs. The anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of CBD for dogs reduce the severity of the discomforts and thereby manage the behavioral issues due to them. In a scientific study, dogs with osteoarthritis were administered with CBD oil to check CBD’s effect on the condition. The results showed that it reduced inflammation, joint pain, phobia, and anxiety. Besides, cannabidiol was found to be safe at normal doses, as it does not produce any adverse side effects.


While administering CBD for dogs, you must be careful about the THC content of the cannabidiol product. Dogs are sensitive to this cannabinoid as their hippocampus has a higher concentration of CB1 receptors to which THC binds. It can cause them to lose their balance and can lead to other mobility issues.

Before administering CBD for dogs, you must consult with the veterinarian because it might not be effective for all canines.