Role Of Terpenes In CBD Products

Terpenes In CBD
Terpenes In CBD
Terpenes In CBD
Terpenes In CBD

Terpenes are volatile substances that are responsible to provide an aroma to natural substances. Terpenes are present in everything including plants, vegetables, fruits, flowers, and even seeds. As of today, several varieties of terpenes are known to us humans. Among these, nearly 200 of them are observed in plants that fall under the cannabis family of plants.

As we all know, in most parts of the world, only industrial-grade hemp plants are used for producing CBD products, and in those plants, only a few terpenes are present in considerable quantities. Some of these CBD products are sold by removing all the plant elements but most manufacturers preserve a few of the active terpenes present in them. The following are some of the active terpenes contained in a hemp plant and their role in making CBD products better.


As the name suggests, these terpenes are mostly found in lemon and other citrus fruits. These terpenes are responsible for giving a refreshing aroma to citrus fruits like lime, lemon, and orange. However, this substance is not only effective in producing a pleasing scent but also in removing fungal infections. Therefore, the presence of limonene will make CBD products more effective in the treatment of skin conditions. In addition to that, the aroma of this substance will make CBD more efficient while dealing with mood change, and anxiety disorder, etc. These terpenes will also facilitate an increased absorption rate of CBD.


This active terpene is majorly found to be present in the plants belonging to the cannabis family. The hemp flower is the biggest source of this substance. Since myrcene is found in large amounts in hemp plants, a majority of the hemp products have an earthy, herbal aroma. This substance makes CBD products better by increasing their relaxation properties. Myrcene is effective in the treatment of depression and also in improving mental stability. In addition to that, this substance is effective in enhancing the pain-relieving properties associated with CBD products.


It is a terpene commonly found in pine needles and also in citrus plants. Since it is present only in a small quantity, it would be hard to detect its earthy aroma from hemp plants. Pinene is one of the most commonly used scents in traditional Chinese treatments and also in aromatherapy. The main function of this substance is to improve the effectiveness of other terpenes like Limonene. It is also effective in improving the efficacy of CBD products in the treatment of inflammation and pain. Due to the antibacterial properties of pinene, it is preserved in CBD products used for skin treatments.


It is the terpene present in flowers like lavender and chamomile that gives their pleasing aroma. Although scientists have detected this terpene in hemp plants, it is in very small amounts. However, there is not enough linalool in the hemp plant to generate lavender fragrance to the plant substances. Since it is one of the best scents for aromatherapy, many manufacturers are adding such terpenes in their CBD products. Adding the lavender flavor will make the CBD products more effective in the treatment of sleep disorders and also in controlling anxiety.


Black pepper, cloves, and cinnamon have this terpene as their active terpene. This terpene is also present in the cannabis plant in considerable proportion and it is responsible for giving the plant substances a woody, spicy aroma. The main benefit of preserving this substance in the CBD product is that it will help in improving its interaction with the endocannabinoid system. It can potentially reduce blood pressure and inflammation, thereby enhancing blood flow.


It is a terpene with a smoky aroma and is commonly found in plants like sage and rosemary. Even if it is present only in a small quantity, it will help the CBD product to improve its relaxing properties. It can also trigger the antioxidant and antibacterial properties of CBD. Presently, so much research is being conducted around the world to find out whether it can be effectively used in the treatment of depression and anxiety.

The above mentioned are only a few of the terpenes that are contained in hemp plants. Since most of them are present only in a small quantity, some manufacturers are mixing the CBD products with plant substances having abundant quantities of these terpenes to improve the effectiveness of their products. Some manufacturers are also working to extract these aromas from the hemp plant to use in practices like aromatherapy.

In addition to the terpenes mentioned in this article, there are many other flavoring agents present in the hemp plant like Humulene. These substances are passive but they can be made active by heating the plant at a temperature higher than 166 degrees. However, this practice is not promoted as it will reduce the effectiveness of other terpenes present in the hemp plant.